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"They're a fucking curious proposition alright, coming on like nocore post-proggers The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg battering Les Savy Fav to death with a posh Cambridge accent. Its charismatic, technicolour and gives a great name to experimentalism. This lot are deservedly going places for sure."
44 Caliber Webzine.
"Email interview carried out in February 2006. Read it here."
Interview by Anna Claxton for Repeat Fanzine.
"Free CD from Cambridge band
TRIPS out to find roadkill and a stay in the wilds of Norfolk have resulted in a new CD by The Furious Sleep.
The Cambridge rockers headed to the middle of nowhere to record a three-track release called Funeral Marches. As the finished product will cost you zero pounds, you've got no excuses not to get a copy. The songs are complex, punky attacks which are backed up with artwork featuring a lot of dead creatures - but it's all done in the best possible taste, obviously. "We wanted to use a picture of a dead crow so we went out looking for roadkill, but nothing we found was satisfactory," laments Jake, the band's singer. "So, we went to the zoological museum and took lots of pictures of stuffed things." The band set about their recording duties at the highly-respected Sickroom studio, a tiny backroom covered in posters and kitted out with a dazzling array of equipment - it even has table tennis facilities. "There were no distractions," says Jake. "It was really good because it was just the four of us hanging out. The nearest shop was two miles away and we couldn't get any good phone reception. "We wanted to record some new songs that would get across what we do live. Owen the producer really understood what we were trying to do and got the best out of us. Death's Head March is a bit of a twin guitar epic, Lights Out is our rocker and The Room is a lo-fi acoustic song with a really distorted keyboard and vocal harmonies." If you want to have a listen, visit"
Cambridge Evening News.
"The Furious Sleep are "a punk Smiths" and combine Mick Ronson guitars with epic tunes and shouty passionate vocals".
Jason TSH,
Planet Beet.
"Thursday sees our local boy punk-prog faves THE FURIOUS SLEEP headline a show at the Man On The Moon. If you haven't seen them before then we seriously recommend it. Think the spirit of Tortoise, Mogwai and seventies prog rock being given the kicking of their lives by the Sex Pistols and Nirvana".
Green Mind Presents
"The Furious Sleep are Cambridge's prog-punk-jazz-new wave meisters with sharp lyricisms and a compelling stage presence".
Green Mind Presents
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