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1. I've added loads more fliers, posters, press cuttings to the gigs and review sections of the site. I managed to find lots of early Visit fliers, which I've scanned and added to the gigs2001 page.

2. The audio section is now much more complete, thanks to Dave, who dug out lots of missing songs and even some rarities. Listen to the newly added acoustic songs and live tracks on the Acoustic, Practices and Live page.


1. It's been a long time coming but I've finally got round to fixing all the broken links and trying as much as possible to add back any missing content, to the site. Over the next few weeks I'll try and add more links to the missing videos and music sections. There are still quite a few old images missing, but I've updated the photos page a lot and made sure that the content still works.

2. There now a TFS soundcloud account. So far, I've uploaded all the albums, demos and as much of the miscellaneous music as I could find. I'm hoping to add some live and more acoustic songs over the next few weeks.