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We've recently uncovered a couple of past video gems. Both from 2004. The first is from our first gig at the Colchester Arts Centre. we were supporting the PaperChase and it was our first encounter with those lovely One Unique Signal chaps. A great night. The video is nearly complete apart from Among The Wolves. Only a very short clip of this song remains. On the plus side there is was a whole lot of sound check and back stage footage filmed, which we've added instead. The second find was three songs from our rather debauched night at the Fulbourn Warehouse. Both nights were filmed by the talented David Caswell. All of these videos have been added to the relevant gig entries on the Gigs 2004 page.


It might have looked like there was no life in TFS land and for a while there wasn't. After the sad loss of DC to the evil immigration powers that be, we didn't feel very inspired to do much. It was a great pleasure to play with such an amazing drummer and great fellow. We at least got to write some top notch songs, record a cd and play 9 gigs with him. So with no hope of him being let back into the country, eventually it was time to for us to move on or shut up shop. Moving on with out a drummer wasn't going to be easy, but we ended up doing it anyway. We just started writing some stripped down songs with the 3 of us. These ideas are coming along very well and as they get written we're also recording them. These will be made available in some form once we've worked on it some more.