News 2007

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1. There is now a high quality version of Structure on the audio page, for our upcoming cd. Listen here

2. Lots of gigs have now been confirmed. Visit the gigs page to see the details.


1. There are now mp3's for all the songs on our forthcoming cd. You can find them here. At the moment there is only a low quality version of Structure. It's such a beast the server couldn't handle it in all it's glory. We'll try and get a better version up soon.

2. Thanks to everyone who watched us in Norwich on Friday. We weren't sure what to expect, it ended up being great fun. They're a very receptive bunch. We're back that way again in July and August.


Two new mp3's added. The first of which is for the forthcoming One Man and a Guitar compilation. See our compilation page to hear this track. The second is a brand new demo recording. This is one of the new songs that we'll be playing on the 8th of May. You'll find this on our demo section.


1. So another gig done and dusted. Thank you to the bands and punters for making the night so enjoyable. Read about it here.

2. Things are shaping up nicely for our Gig with DaveCat on drums. The latest idea being particularly pleasing to the ears. It's going to be a special night. Lyrics for these new songs can be found here.

3. We've just added a new song to our myspace page. It's an acoustic number that will be available soon on the One Man and His Guitar Compilation cd. It's a home recording, recorded and produced by Dave and Tom. We're really pleased with how it came out.


Thanks to all those who came and saw us last night. We had a great time. Hope our three 10 minute epics didn't mash your noggins too much. They were fun to play. Thanks also to Actionforce for organising the night. More gigs coming soon.


So finally we gig our first gig of the year. It's on the 28th March at our old favorite, The Portland Arms. Details.


Happy New Year. See gigs page for details of 2007 shows.