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Happy Birthday to Andy. I hope he had as much fun at his Birthday Bash as we did. Thanks to those who came and saw us. It was a set that lent heavily on noise, rather than subtlety and from our point of view, it was all the more fun because of it. Hope it was for you too. Until next time.


1. Apologies if anyone turned up at the Loft on Saturday and found nobody there. Two of the other bands had to drop out, so the night got cancelled. So it looks like things are going to be quiet for a month or so. Time to get some of these new ideas based into shape then. See you in August.

2. Recently added, all four songs from the stripped down set, we performed the other month. This included a rare outing of The Room and 2 new 'work in progress' songs. See them here.


1. You can now watch Death's Head March, Harmonics and Quilty from our recent set at the Moon. They rock hard and you can watch them here.

2. lots of great reviews have been surfacing over the last few weeks. So thanks to all those who took the time to listen to Funeral Marches and then actually put pen to paper. It's much appreciated. Read them here.


Thanks to everyone who came down and saw us at the Moon, and to !i Pinata! and There Was An Accident Here for playing such great sets. You can read some ramblings about the night here. There were some video clips taken on the night which we'll try an make available through the site soon. Unfortunately there is no footage of the enthusiastically chaotic set to our set. The bloody camera ran out of batteries. Technology Hey! There might be some photos somewhere though. Anyway it was such a fun night.


Just a quick update to say: Tom, Dave and I will be playing a stripped down set at the Loft this Tuesday (25th). We'll be playing some alternative versions of TFS favorites, some of our more quiet songs that don't normally get an outing and with any luck two new compositions. Come down early as we're on first. See gigs for details.


1. Thanks to those of you who came down to see us last night. We hadn't played for a while and it was great to turn up load and make some noise. Was another great Crushing Death night. Our next gig (at the moment) isn't until the 25th May, but is going to be a good one. Not only have we got two crazy bands to play with, but the night is part of the Amnesty International's One Big Gig music events, See gigs for the details.

2. We've been working on lots of new ideas since the beginning of the year. Most of which we've recorded in various states along the way. Some of these are shaping up enough to make it into our set in the future and others are still just sketches (which may or may not turn into something). We though rather than waste these recordings, it was actually time to share some of this work in progress with whoever wants to listen. So we've added a In Progress section to our Audio page. There's only a few mp3's up there at the moment, but more will be coming soon.


A quick heads up and thanks to Organ Magazine. Just found a really engaging review of our Funeral Marches CD on their Myspace Blog. If that wasn't good enough it's also coming out in the April printed edition as well. If you're London based you can pick up Organ for free, all over the place. I'd recommend going the whole hog though. Head over to their site an subscribe now. You won't regret it. These people know what is happening out there in music land. To read what they said about FM, see reviews.


Great gig last night at the Vibe Bar. The TFS and CRS double header came off fine. Matt and Tom rocked their socks off twice and both bands went down a treat. Such a spot on venue, with a very receptive audience. Big thanks to the Badge of Friendship guys for putting us on and for being the nicest people on the planet. It was a pleasure to play for you. Read some articulate musings on the night here. So with the fun of last night in mind, it's time to remind people that we have a Cambridge gig this Friday (24th). Come along it's going to be a night of ROCK. See the gigs page for details.


1. Gigs are coming think and fast at the moment. So keep checking the gigs page for the details, as they get confirmed. Future events include: The Vibe Bar (London), a great Crushing Death night (with Charlottefield and The Unit Ama) and an evening of pure craziness (with i! PiNATA! and There Was an Accident Here). All of which promise to be much fun. Before that though, this Saturday (11th) see us heading out to St Ives to indulge in some Birthday Shenanigans. Come along, it's free.

2. Some new songs are coming along nicely. The ideas are being honed and whittled. Take a sneak preview at the lyrics for Song For Retinaburn. More will be added shortly here.


1. Wednesday gig at the Soul Tree wasn't quite as successful as our Shoreditch jaunt, but it sure produced much more interweb based chat. Read about it here. We weren't 'in the zone' as they say, but judging from these 2 video clips it wasn't all bad. Tofu Escape Clause and Lights Out.

2. Write ups for Shoreditch and the Soul Tree have also been added, along with more up coming dates. Looks like March is going to be just as busy as Feb was. See gigs for details.


1. Saturday's gig in Shoredich was so much fun. Thanks to everyone who organised the night and all those who came up for a chat after. For those of you not in London, you can catch a glimpse of what you missed here and here, or come see us play at the Soul Tree tonight. It's the Green Mind 5th Birthday. So come and party.

2. Bit of a different gig write up this time. To give a flavor of our trip to Ipswich we've selected some choice photos instead. See them here.


1. After the re-design of the audio area, we realised there were some great tunes that have been lost in the mists of time. So if you want to get an idea of what made TFS the awkward beast it is, then check out these newly added past demos (Induced Loyalty, Don't Panic, The Constant, Shambles, For Arid Ears, Phonetically Desperate, An Eye For a Shoe and Tribute Friend).

2. Repeat Fanzine have just published an email interview with us on their site. You can read the published version on the interviews section of their site or for the full transcript see here. Thanks to Anna C for asking the questions others feared to ask.


1. Had great fun in Ipswich on Friday. Thanks to the i! PiNATA! gang for organising such a full on night. Was so much fun. Hope to do it again sometime soon.

2. There's been a bit of an overhaul to the Audio section of the site. It was getting a bit jumbled, but not any more. Look out for some more demos soon.


1. Last weekend saw us get together for our first full rehearsal of 2006. Was great fun to play things so loud again, after our acoustic rehearsals and recording of late. Old songs were dusted off and new ideas were looked at. We'll record some demo versions of these new songs, as they take shape. Look out for them on the website soon.

2. February is going to be a busy month for gigs. Ipswich, London and now Cambridge (tbc). See gigs for details.

3. A couple of gig write up's have been added for our last outings of 2005. Read some sense into them if you can: gigs 2005.


1. Well it's been a bit of a quiet month gig wise, but behind the scenes there has been much work. Tom recently purchased himself a lovely new 8 track hard disk recorder, which we've been using to demo lots of new songs. Man Tom and Dave have been busy with their tune creation skills. When there's something worth hearing we'll stick some tracks up on the site.

2. You can watch a video of Deaths Head March, from our acoustic slot last year. Look out for more of these unplugged gigs this year.

3. Also Owen Turner has very kindly sent us a stand along mix of Lights Out. In other words, the bridge has been removed from the end. So you get to hear the song finish as nature intended. Listen to it on our Releases page.


1. Happy New Year to you all, and many thanks to all those who came along to our Christmas Party at the Haymakers. Huge thanks to The Males and Bomb Factory for taking time out of their holiday schedule to help us celebrate. Great sets from both of them. It was a truly fun (and drunken) night.

2. Gigs for this year are popping up already. Ipswich, London and Cambridge have been confirmed so far. See gigs for details.