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1. Last minute gig with a difference. Tom, Dave and I are making one of our acoustic outings again. So if your not doing anything on Wednesday, come along to the Moon. We've got 3 songs lined up.

2. Don't forget about our post-Christmas party at the Haymakers (Chesterton). Brush off those festive cobwebs, and come help us celebrate the end of a great year. What a stellar line up as well. See gigs.

3. Just added. Some very atmospheric photos of our gig at the Moon, last month. Thanks George. See them here.


1. More bad news this week. So first off Hey Colossus had to pull out of the Portland gig, and now Part Chimp have had to do the same. Tim fell of a ladder and broke his wrist and a rib. There are talks afoot to get a date sorted out for the new year. Keep them fingers crossed.

2. The cd's have come back from Riviera and are looking amazing. Anyone that wants a copy should drop us a line at address below. Plus the Cambridge Evening News ran a great article on Funeral Marches, in last weeks edition of Scene. A copy of this can be found in our reviews section.


1. The bad news is Hey Colossus have had to pull out of the Dec 13th gig. This cloud however has a huge noise coloured lining as Ollie has rustled up none other than Part Chimp as their replacement!! Cambridge prepare your selves to be rocked.

2. We've finished all the art work for the new cd and it's just gone to the duplicators. Hopefully everything will be back with us by the 30th Nov, for the gig at the Moon. View the artwork here.

3. Photos from our Kingston and Cellar Bar gigs have been added. See photos. Thanks to Joanna for taking them.


1. Thanks to all those who came out and saw either of our gigs last week. Plus a big hat's off to One Unique Signal and Bomb Factory for organising their respective events so well. A lot of effort went into promoting the two nights, and looking at the turn outs, it definitely paid off. The Dear Cambridge cd launch, at the Cellar Bar was particularly rammed. Great to see people taking the time to come and see something a bit different.

2. Two lots of slightly older photographs have just been added. The first set are from our Brixton Telegraph gig and the second are Matt's photos from the Sickroom recording session.


1. The complete video clip of Lights Out has now been uploaded. The clip should be about 5.30 mins long. If it still says 4.00, then it's the old version. In which case you might need to refresh your web browser.

2. There are also some new photos from the same gig. These were taken as part of the Bin Range T-shirts advertising material. See images.


We've finally got round to editing and putting up some video clips that have been lying dormant. There's a couple of songs from our short, but lively Nottingham Boat Club outing. Plus our whole set from Colonel Bastard's album launch night (although I've noticed a glitch on the Lights Out which I'll have to fix later this week). Including our version of Boring Gordon and their TFS Medley. All clips can be found on their corresponding gig entry.


Just back from 4 days intensive recording at the wonderful Sickroom Studios. Isolating ourselves in the wilds of Narborough, with the immense skills of Owen Turner, we managed to record 4 very different bites of TFS musical tomfoolery. A big thank you to Owen for all his help and encouragement. We will be releasing these songs on a cd soon, but until then there are mp3's on our audio page. Plus over the next few days you will be able to see a pictorial account of the weekends events on the images section.


Yesterday evening Tom, Matt and Myself were guests on the 209radio Sunday Roasting show. Thanks to Nik and David for having us on. We had great fun casting a critical (in some cases very critical) ear over a selection of new releases. Plus we got to unleash some Part Chimp on the unsuspecting listeners, and indulge in general chit chattery. For those who missed it, an archive file of the show can be found here.


Huge thank you to everyone who came and saw us over our 2 gig outings, last week. Both gigs were great and we had so much fun playing and parting. We met and talked to loads of interesting and friendly people (arsey tour managers aside). A selection of classy photos from the Soul Tree and the Moon can be found on our images page.


1. The Latest edition of the wonderful Red Pages, has an interestingly warped interview with us in it. Makes for a good read, even though we come across as psychopaths! Dave would like it noted that he said the 'cannibal' quote and not me. Fair enough I say.

2. This week see's us playing two gigs back to back. First off we're supporting the Arctic Monkeys at the Soul Tree. Then the next day it's off to the Moon for a spot of pirate based fun, with Karmadillo and the Manchester based Former Bullies. See gigs.


In preparation for our up coming gigs, we've been working on new songs. Two sets of lyrics have been added as a taster of these.


Last minute gig alert. We've just been added to Simon Baker's "It's my party and i'll drink if i want to" extravaganza. Not sure who the other bands are, but it's going to be a lot of fun and games. So come along and party.

It seems like we've been away from Cambridge for a while now, so it's good to be playing the Moon tonight. Both our recent out of town gigs have produced many amusing stories, and quite a few eye opening realisations. London was bizarre, but very fun. Where as Nottingham was strangely fun, and totally bizarre! Brow beaten from the moment we got there, we were then asked to leave the stage after 3 songs, because we didn't sound like Oasis! That wasn't even the capper either. Next day we returned to find Dave's guitar had emigrated with out letting us know. Still we had a great night out on the town with The Chemistry Experiment and Chris (Last of the Real Hard Men). They know how to treat guests.
So that was our first London gig then! Well we couldn't have hoped for a more bizarre, but thoroughly enjoyable outing either. Chaos, piercings, bootie shaking, hard rocking, loud volumes, the list could continue. Still we should save the details for a full write up. Expect it coming soon. For now you can view photos of our set here, and watch a clip of the said bootie shaking there.
Lots of new additions to the gigs page. Two out of town gig, in London and then Nottingham, new fliers/poster, plus write ups for our last few outings. Enjoy.
1. Wow things are always interesting in the TFS camp. So this is the final word on our Drumming situation. Matthew will now NOT be leaving us! Yep that's right we are no longer losing the immense talents of Mr Fletcher. After last months gig, we realised there was way too much chemistry between the four of us, to mess with. We would like to take this opportunity to say how much we enjoyed our rehearsals with Ben (Shivers), and thank Ed for nearly playing with us. Cheers Guys.
2. Thanks also to all those who came down to the Portland in April, and to One Unique Signal and The Colony for playing. It was such a fun night. Expect a gig write up soon, but until then you can view some great photos of our set here. Another big thank you to Sadie for taking these.
3. Glancing through CEN's Venue magazine this morning I noticed this. So more thanks (wow there's a lot of thanks being given this week) to whoever snuck that into the papers pages.
1. After the more downbeat news below, this entry sees things take an upward turn. Not only is Matt going to be playing with us this weekend, but he will also be making one final appearance with us, on the 7th May. See gigs.
2. So on to the future then. It is with much pleasure and some surprise that we can announce the arrival of 2 Sticks into the fold! First off, Ben (he of The Shivers and Lionshare) has temporally put the brushes away, and pulled out the big sticks for a spot of moonlighting with us. Having indulged in some impromptu chalet renditions of such classics as Number of the Beast, Careless Whisper, and a couple of Dio tracks, at February’s ATP, we decided a further musical collaboration was in order. So look out from Ben behind the kit over the next few months. The second is a 'wild card' entry to this situation and a blast from my past. Mr Edward Lake and Myself started our musical exploits together in the youthful outpourings of The Absolute Zeros. So as coincidences go Ed’s return to the musical world was well timed. With all this change afoot there is only one things to be certain of………it’s going to be a busy in the TFS camp.
Main news is that unfortunately due to work commitments, Matt will no longer be playing drums for us after April. It's been great playing with him for all these years, and we wish him all the best. The up shot of this is we can no longer play our Nottingham date tomorrow night. Which is a great shame, but hopefully we'll get to sort another one out soon. We will however get a chance to see Matt off in style with one final appearance with us, on the 23rd April at the Portland. It's going to be a great evening. See gigs for details.
Anyone interested in whacking the drums with us should email
1. Last week Debbie Davis of the Ely Standard interviewed Dave, Tom and Myself in the homely confines of The Green Dragon Pub. Through much skill on her part she managed to get some sense out of our hour long ramblings. The results of this were printed in the Standard last week. Thanks again to her for taking the time. Click here for scan.
2. Thanks to all those who came to the Portland last Thursday. It was a great night for music in Cambridge. Hats off to anyone that chose to come see us instead of Low and the Nine Black Alps. I hope you enjoyed it. Casting your minds back to last month, there is also an amazingly well remembered set of musings about the Moon gig, by Mr Hatfield. Read thoughts on both nights here.
3. Last but definitely not least there are some great black and white photographs by Joanna. Take a look here.
1. First off the bad news. Our gig at the Embargo club in Chelsea has had to be postponed for a few weeks. We shall let you know the new date as soon as it's been decided.
2. More radio play of sorts. The newly set up Cambridge podcast is a web broadcast music show, and very fine it is too. Of Kith and Kin was played on their second show. You can download each show from their site. Big thanks to them.
3. Just unearthed by the technical wizardry of Chris Rogers we have a short clip of super8 film, taken at the Colchester Arts Centre in November. It's rather dark, but punctuated by some recognisable forms. Please note it's about 24 seconds long, if any less than this appears in your media player close down, and re-click the link.
1. Thanks a lot to all those who came out to the Moon last Thursday. Great sets from Capitol Hill and Colonel Bastard, and thanks to everyone else for providing such conducive atmosphere to play in. It was such an enjoyable night all round. More info on this night will appear on the gigs page shortly.
2. We've been getting an increased amount of radio play since December. First the Other Rock Show, brought to you by Organ Magazine played Among The Wolves and Of Kith and Kin. Then with our debut overseas airplay the Spanish Language radio show Cielo Liquido pulled out all the stops and broadcast both The Mallard and Tofu Escape Clause. So big thanks to both shows.
Happy New Year to you all. We had a rather low key December (band wise), but now it's back to it. Lots of gigs being sorted out for 2005 already. Some confirmed, and others are still being thrashed out. Keep checking the gigs page, for more details.