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After our recent acoustic gig, it reminded us of some recordings we did for our first unplugged outing, way back in May 2003. These proved more difficult to find than at first expected. As all trace of the sessions seemed to have disappeared from medium and mind. Eventually something did turn up. A dusty, scratched cd yielded two tracks. The first a very interesting version of Warmer Climes, and the second was over seven minutes of blank audio! We can only assume this was supposed to be The Mallard. Maybe more of these recordings will turn up in the future. See audio page.
1. Just added, a write up for our Living Room appearance. See gigs page for details.
2. Another couple of reviews have been added to our ever growing list, on the front page. First one is a very flattering write up of the album, and the other singles us out of the 22 track PSB#4 compilation. Not bad for a demo recording.
1. Just confirmed. We are playing next weeks Living Room night, at CB2. See gigs page for details.
2. Well we made it back from Colchester in one piece, thanks to Tom's expert driving skills. Thanks also to Staff and everyone at the Arts Centre who made the evening run so smoothly. There are three pages of photographs here (including some amazing black and white snaps) and a gig write up there.
You lucky buggers. Not one, but two write up's of our gig at the Moon last week. Gigs.
1. Some great photo's of last months gig at the Moon can be found at
2. There have been quite a few line up changes to our upcoming Moon gig. Looks like this has been finalised now. see gigs.
3. We're in the process of obtaining the full webcast of the Fulbourne Warehouse gig. Until then we've got a short compilation clip available. You can choose from either of these formats mpg or avi.
1. Just added, photos from last Thursdays gig at the Moon. Thanks to all those who came, and actually stuck around until the end. It was great fun for us and I hope it was for you. See images.
2. More gigs coming up. One at APU bar, and another back at our new stomping ground the Moon. For details see gigs.
1. Thanks to all those who came out to the Fulbourne gig. It was a great night... very heavy and debauched, but great. For those who didn't it was broadcast over the net via At present there isn't an archive clip for it, but check back a see if one turns up. For photographic evidence of the nights events see images.
2. Unfortunately the Bury gig has had to be postponed. Venue hassles were to blame, but we'll sort out another date soon. That leaves the 16th of September as our next outing. See gigs for the gory details.
1. Very interesting gig we're playing this weekend. The Tea with the Behemoth guys have organised a leaving party, as they're off to Berlin at the end of this month. It's at the Fulbourne Warehouse, it's an all nighter, and there is going to be lots going on. Having been out there last week myself, I strongly urge anyone wanting a great night out to come along. I know it's a bit of pain to get out there, but it's well worth it.
2. Just added, the lyrics to a new song we've been writing called The Room.
1. Bad news, due to illness we've had to pull out of the Aloud to be Loud Festival. We are gutted, as it sounded like great fun. Apologies to the organisers, and thanks for taking it so well. We hope the day is a great success.
2. Good news. Just added are some great photos from the gig at the Moon. Very kindly sent to us by Jamie from linda's Nephew.
1. There's been a strange turn of events with the Aloud to be Loud Festival. At the start of the week it looked like we weren't going to be playing at all, but yesterday we were asked to headline the whole day! All very weird but all very cool. See gigs for more details.
2. The Ely Standard did a piece on us for their 'band of the week' column. Which was very flattering. Lots of plugs for our up coming gigs too. They even sent us a copy to put in our scrap book. See scan.
3. Thanks to all of those who were at the Moon on the 1st. It was a great night. Lots of hot sweaty and loud fun. Cool to meet Jamie, James and the the rest of the Linda's Nephew again. Same goes for the Lightning Jack crew. There are some pictures from the night here and a write up there.
1. Quilty was played on 209radio's The Scene this week. You can listen to the archive of this show here. Thanks to Phil for the promotion. His show is broadcast every second Wednesday night from 8.00 to 10.00, and is well worth a listen.
2. For any American visitors to this site, our album is now being distributed in the US by Something Used. Which means soon you will be able to by it on line from the interpunk and smartpunk web sites.
3. Some excellent thoughts about the APU launch night by the multi talented Maria SB. Read here.
4. The album reviews have started to appear. Read the stylish musings by Gillian Brodie on the front page, or go direct to the source
1. Thanks to everyone who, played at, showed up and organised Saturdays gig. It was a great night, and we had more than enough fun. See gig photos and audio for related information.
2. Also another lot of thanks to Jimmy Possession, who played Silence The Poet on his radio show a few weeks ago. You can listen to that particular show here, or to future broadcasts live at 209radio. Jim's show is every second sunday of the month at 2.00 pm.
1. New gig added, with another few unconfirmed dates to put up soon. Including a 'lorry based' Huntington out door show! Sounds intriguing.
2. Photos from our trip to Glastonbury Festival can be perused here.
1. Supports for the Album Launch have now been confirmed. It's shaping up to be a prog/post rock extravaganza. See gigs.
Two release dates coming up for us very soon.
1. First off Among The Wolves is featured on the Smalltown America Records latest compilation: PSB4. There is a launch night in London on July 1st.
2. Then it's out turn with our freshly recorded album seeing the light of day. Not only did we put all our efforts into the recording, but since then we've been slaving away over the cd artwork. We have a launch night for the album on July 10th at the APU Bar. See gigs.
3. We are also playing a alldayer at the Moon, on June 19th. It looks very Punk/Progtastic. See gigs.
So it took us until 3.00 this morning, but we have now mixed and mastered all 7 songs. Mick, Tom, Dave and I looked very worse for wear by the end, but listening back today, it was surely worth the sacrifice. Not sure about the others, but I shall go on my holidays with a cassette copy in hand, and listen to it's delights by the pool. Big thanks again to Mick for everything.
Thanks to everyone who turned up on Friday. We had a very fun and drunken night. The Ball is a 'must go to' night. See photos here.
1. So we've been there and come out the other side. Four intense days of recording under our belt, and 7 songs committed to hard disk: Of Kith and Kin, The Mallard, Warmer Climes, Quilty, Among The Wolves, Silence The Poet and Tofu Escape Clause. What great fun it was too. Hard work, but such fun. A big thank you to Mick who was great to work with and a calming influence through out. A highly recommended studio set up.
2. Photographs of the whole experience can be viewed here: Day 1   Day 2   Day 2 (page 2)   Day 3   Day 4.
We are just about to start four days of hard work at the Orchard Cottage Recording Studios, in Willingham. Emerging from this will be our album, (working title) 'Colourless Green Ideas'. Available soon.
1. Gig thoughts about the Moon, by Tom. Gigs
2. Lyrics for new song (of Kith and Kin) added. Lyrics
1. More photos added. Lots from our trip to see Hella in London, our rehearsal last weekend, and a couple from the gig at the Moon. Images
2. Two confirmed gigs in May. Both at the Cambridge City Football Club. Gigs
Gigs are coming and going. The 17th at the APU Bar has been cancelled by the venue, but we are now playing the Moon on the 16th instead. Gigs
Finally added: Colchester gig write up.
1. Lots of images added, from our trip to Colchester, See Colchester images and gig page for info.
2. plus general changing around of how the image pages are set out. See images
Just come across some great photos taken at our recent Stoke gig. To see then go to the Peripheral Anomaly site.
Lots of photos from the Drum and Monkey, see images.
1. We made it back from Stoke in one piece. Totally exhausted but what a great time we had up there. There are two ways for you to find out more, about our adventures away from Cambridge. First Tom's unique gig diary, and secondly there is a full review of the evenings events at
2. A great gig coming up this Friday. If anyone is in the Ipswich area, come and check it out. It's going to be fun. See gigs.
1. Just added: a review of our 'Window Pane' cd, by Logo Magazine, and some photographs of last nights rehearsal. See front page, and images.
1. Two confirmed out of town shows for this year already, see gigs. Plus details of the gigs we did before christmas, see gigs 2003.
2. Lyrics to new song 'Quilty' added, see lyrics.

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