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1. Gigs seem to have been piling up and then disappearing again recently. Norwich, and the Boat Race are no more, but The Portland (at last), Ipswich, and Stoke (Feb 2004) all seem to be hanging on in there. Gigs.
1. Lots of updates to the site: Set list and write up for added to gigs page, Images from the gig, and after, and new review on the front page.
2. Coming up, possible dates in Norwich, Stoke and Cambridge, plus new sets of lyrics to be added soon.
last minute gig again!!!! Come along to the the Boat Race on Thursday 16th. We be playing, with a few other bands. See gigs.
1. Big News this month: Look out for much web site change over the coming weeks. The main reason for this being, The Visit no longer exists! Do not fret though, Dave, Tom, Matt, and I are still playing the same great songs together. This time under the superior guise of: The Furious Sleep. The new contact and web site details are as follows:, and Please note that will also remain working for the time being.
2. Lots of gigs this month. See Gigs page for details.
We've just had to remove ourselves from the 20-20s bill, tonight. Gigs See you in a months time.
We've just been added to 20-20s bill, this Sunday. Gigs
Well I was the lucky one, I had the day off work yesterday. The other three had to soldier on in their respective jobs, after what can only be described as, an intense but greatly satisfying weekend. We spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evening hauled up in the attic of the Ridgeway Primary School. It wasn't as a form of punishment either. We were recording and mixing Among the Wolves and Headaches for Heartache, in the very capable hands of Steve and Richie. More info coming soon
1. Next week looks like it's going to be a mixture of gigs and recording. Tuesday see us playing at the Boat Race (how many times this year has that been now? I'm missing the Portland). Then on a couple of undecided days we shall be recording a few tracks in the unlikely surroundings of the Colleridge Road ex-school. Being on the look out for interesting places to record this seemed ideal.
2. A couple of great new songs on the way. I'll put the lyrics up when I'm happy with them.
1. It a strange combination of a 'black arm band', and 'celebrations in the street' kind of day. How can that be I hear you cry? Well, as of yesterday we are now a four piece: consisting of Dave, Matt, Tom and I. This can only mean one thing, yep the Metal Mister himself is no longer with us. Douglas is a very busy chap, and as our schedule and his schedule grew further apart, something had to give. So the black arm band is for this loss, but the celebrations are for all the great times we had together, and for all the excellent times to be had in the future. Look out for Doug in a Death Metal band near you soon. We Salute You Dougie.
2. Thanks to all who came to our gig on the 21st, we had the best night ever. The only thing to make this better is that we get to re-live the whole thing again very soon. By that I mean there's another gig coming up. See Gigs.
1. Lots of gigs have been and gone, but never fear there's another one coming up very soon. Gigs
2. Please go and check out some great Fine Art Painting, Printmaking, and 3D work, all by local artist Gunnhildur Thordardottir-Place (strangely also D's Wife). Starting on 20th June, she also has an exhibition at APU.
It's seems to be the month for us being offered last minute gigs. We've just been added to the bill, for the the Portland this Saturday (31st). We'll be playing with the lovely Bouvier. Which we haven't done for a long while, so that should be great. The one down side being no Tom. He's in Newcastle for the weekend, so it's a back to basics Visit sound. Then next Thursday we are up to full capacity for a spot of rocking in Bury. See Gigs for details on both.
1) Lots of gigs arranged, then cancelled, then rescheduled. Out of this organisational hell, there are two confirmed outings for us though, see gigs. One of which is our first acoustic gig. It's just going to be Dave, Tom, and I, as poor Matt is recovering from an appendicitis and Doug is going to the opera.
2) We Release Records, have included Tofu Escape Clause on their compilation CD, which will be out in June. The Launch night is being hosted by Planet Beet.
3) With over a years gap between last seeing them, I finally got to witness The Wolves! (Of Greece) do there intense stuff again. It was immensely loud, the singers was covered in blood within the first few minutes, and one of the pa speakers was smoking by the end. They did not disappoint.
1. Hey thanks to all who came to our gig, on the 3rd. We had great time again, and now think that this was our best gig yet (there seems to be a pattern arising here, hmmmmm). Anyway more details in the gigs section.
2. Lots of new pictures. Tom went snap happy at our last few rehearsals, which was very cool. Unfortunately this means there weren't many of him (I took two not very good one's). There were so many good shots to choose from, but we whittled them down. Here are just a few, in the general images.
1. After our gig on Wednesday, CRS*’s on Thursday, I felt the need to punish my ears even more, by heading down to the Big Smoke, for some Part Chimp action. I had no clue what to expect, as it was another of Ollie Simpson’s always bright idea’s. After all the catching up, and a few drinks we were in the Metro and watching the supports band’s. The Wheels and Lomax warmed the ever growing crowd up, but as soon as PC struck their first chords both paled in comparison. Now this was a band worthy of my attention. Ah, so that tall scruffy looking guy who had been annoyingly standing in front of me for the majority of Lomax’s set, was actually part of the Chimps. After the preceding performance, I’d stand back and offer him the place next time. That guy knows how cause chaos and still play the right notes. Tim Cedar is a performance genius. What of the other members I hear you cry. Part Chimp have the best drummer I have ever seen. That is not an over statement, that is a fact. Does he have any bones, in that body? It didn’t look like it. I’ve never seen anyone be so loose, and fluid looking, but still be exactly on the beat. Great evil looking bassist, and cuddly looking 2nd guitarist too. Anyway the whole sound was so bloody heavy it thought it was going to crush me. It made my ears ring instead. The best gig in a long time, go see them.

2. Just a quick joke for you all:

During a propaganda tour, president Bush visits a school to explain his politics to kids. He invites the kids to ask him questions.
Bobby stands up and tells him "Mr. President, I got 3 questions:"
1. How come, that although the count of votes was not in your favour, you
still won the election?
2. Why do you want to attack Iraq without an imminent reason?
3. Don't you also consider the bombing of Hiroshima the biggest terrorist
attack of all times?

Before the president can answer, the recess bell rings, and the kids leave the room. After they came back, Bush invited them again to ask questions.
Joey stands up and tells him "Mr. President, I got 5 questions:"

1. How come, that although the count of votes was not in your favour, you
still won the election?
2. Why do you want to attack Iraq without an imminent reason?
3. Don't you also consider the bombing of Hiroshima the biggest terrorist
attack of all times?
4. Why did the recess bell ring 20 minutes early?
5. Where's Bobby?

Boom Boom!
1. Tom (CRS*/Minutes to Live) has well and truly been integrated into the visit fold. We've been rehearsing with him on keyboards since before Christmas, and it's been going great. Working on three new songs, has really helped us judge the impact adding keyboards is having on our sound. It's also been really refreshing to hear the older songs with an extra instrument. Tofu Escape Clause, and Summon the Darkness really benefit from Tom's playing. We'll be making our five piece debut for Harvest Time: 26th of Feb, at the Portland Arms. See gigs.
2. Just added: Lyrics for Feels like Autumn (the mallard), Among the Wolves, and Headaches For Heartache (formally titled: Erosion Agents).
Just added: a couple of Photographs from our last gig at the Boat Race. These are the clean one's. Thanks to Jo.
Hippy New Year to you all. Although with all the war mongering going on, I very much doubt it. Anyway music wise we have been working away behind the scenes. Three new songs on the go: Feels like Autumn (the mallard), Among the Wolves, and Erosion Agents. Plus more gigs coming up, and a new member within the ranks. We'll keep you posted.

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