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With all the distractions the Christmas break brings, we are keeping things quite low key until after the New Year celebrations. That is not to say we haven't been working away behind the scenes. Over the last few rehearsals we seem to have created a new style of song. The deeper we got into writing Feels like Autumn, the more the word 'mallard' seemed to become associated with it. It's not easy listening but it sounds great.
After the last four gigs (three of which we got paid for, wow), and all the work we put into finishing the Serbian Spring cd (at least 24 hours worth of mind melting graft), we took a well earned break. last night was the first time we'd played since the Boat Race gig, and for the first 30 min's it showed. We were rusty as Mrs Lee herself. Saying that, all it took was a few hours of working on some new ideas and we soon gelled again. So by the end, Feels Like Autumn and Among The Wolves were coming along nicely.
1). Well, we've gone and done it again. We have another CD available. Serbian Spring: is the result of our desire, to capture a very live sounding band recording. The whole package has been geared towards a very gritty feel. The music, the mix, and the artwork. We spent about 20 hours of solid brain melting hard work on this, and it sounds great. Any distortions to your speakers, are supposed to be there. Go seek it out (Andys and Parrot Records). See the Audio page for details.
2). With our last two gigs, still fresh in the memory, it's already time for a few more. See Gigs page.
3). David, and I were interviewed a few weeks ago, for a new Fanzine/Magazine, CAM (Cambridge Alternative Music). We had a great time chatting to the very lovely John, and Jess. They even managed to conduct the whole thing in the midst of much live jazz. That will teach us to choose the Elmtree, as an interview venue. Anyway the first issue is out now, for a very reasonable 50p. So you have no excuse not to buy one.
Good News: We managed to organise, and execute, all our, gigs, collaborations, and rehearsals. Both gigs were totally enjoyable, were well received, and seemed to introduce us to some new converts. Getting all six of us together (for the collaborations) was hard work, but well worth it. I think it's called 'time management', and in the end we got very good at it. Working with Tom and James was great fun, so you never know when our musical paths will be crossed again.
Sad News: I just stumbled across the terrible news, that Ralph Hamilton, was killed in a car accident, in July. Ralph was a very talented bass/guitar player, who graced the likes of Andy Christ and his Biblical Mice, Useful Idiot, and Bob Tilton, with his musical presence. More than that though, he was a really great guy. Very friendly, and a good laugh. I still chuckle at the cartoons, Ralph, Leo Collet, and I drew, to relieve the boredom of our college maths lesson. "Dennis, come back with my apple pie"! A great loss indeed.
With the Holidays, Weddings, and other commitments over with, it's time to get back to the Rock n' Rolling. So to ease ourselves back into it, we've gone and booked two gigs, at the end of the month. We should at least have lots of pent up energy, even if we can't remember the songs. Our gig on the 29th October, will feature an extended reprise of our recent collaborations, as a support slot.
1. Our Intact Skylines CD is now available in Andys Records. This is in association with Harvest Time, the new bi-weekly musical evening, held at the Portland Arms. Drop into Andys for more details. We play Harvest Time, in the rather distant future of October 29th, very close to Halloween ??!!!!
2. While Doug has been taking a well earned holiday, in Iceland, it has to be said the rest of us haven't been slacking. Matt, Dave, and I, got together with James (bass), and Tom (trumpet), and came up with an opus of epic proportions. It's a bit like playing a whole set, but in just one song. Since we enjoyed writing, and playing this strange indie, rock, jazz, metal concoction, so much, it spurred us into writing some more. The fruits of this labor can be heard at The Priors, Bury St Edmunds, on the 12th of September. With the possibility of a second outing, on the 29th October. Hey we'll be supporting ourselves, strange, but cool.
3. Also featured on the main page, of this site, is a link through to our first interview. Actually, that's slightly wrong, as it was just me that got to spout off to Jimmy Possession, of Robots and Electronic Brains fanzine. It was a joint interview carried out with Rosey (Bouvier), and myself. It has to be said, that the whole night was a very enjoyable. All power to Jimmy P.
4. Just a quick update to finish. David's amplifier has made a full recovery, and has been well and truly rocked, following it's convalescence. Since this we have had guitar failure, and much problems with 4 track machines. All of which are being resolved as you read.
Shock Horror !!!Amplifier explodes.
1. Yep it finally happened, we rocked too hard. The causality was luckily none of us, but unfortunately David's trusty, but seemingly not indestructible, Orange Amplifier. Emergency surgery is about to take place, so we shall just have to wait and see. All being well, rehearsals should commence again next week.
2. After David's discovery of the very raw, pre-punk garage combo, Rocket From The Tombs (not Crypt), we have decided to indulge in a spot of rehearsal room recording. After various successful experiments with one stereo microphone, and a tape deck, we plan to expand to a 4-track system. This should give us the opportunity to capture our current set, in the raw, and exciting manner it deserves. We shall keep you posted.

There are plenty of filthy rumors this month:
1. We will soon be back on the stage's of Cambridge again. With two gigs confirmed, one on June 25th, the other July 6th.

2. This posses the question are we going to have time to finish the three new tracks, we have been working on? We hope so. Summon The Darkness, and Warmer Climes are very much under way, but Doug's Song 2 (it has no title, or words yet) still has a lot more work to go.
3. I also believe that I am to be collecting the next run of our 'intact skylines' CD today. The first lot went in no time.
1. Just added are some great photographs taken at our May 2nd, and March 7th gigs. Thanks to David (crs*), and Andy Bone for doing such a good job, and then letting us put them on the site.

2. Our latest CD 'Intact Skylines' is now available. Keep your eyes pealed. If you would like to order a copy then please email us for details:

1. The new recordings are all finished. Seven hours of mixing (on a Friday evening no less) and it was all done. Davey really is great at the whole recording process, but with this final stage he really came into his own. He set up rough mixes of each song, and then let us have control of the faders we needed to alter. Each time we ran through the track he would tweak something here and there, until it was sounding spot on. He was very accommodating of our wishes too. All ideas we had, no matter how lame brained they might have seemed, were at least tried. Admitatly we didn't use all of them, but that's experimentation for you. All tracks coming to a CD player near you, soon.
2. After such a hectic couple of weeks, it's good to be taking a short break. David's gone off on holiday, Doug is chilling, Matt can now let his ear recover, and I've finally had time to let my cold come on. It will soon be back to work though, as it is only a few weeks until our next gig. We've got so many ideas for this gig, but I'm not sure how many we'll have time to rehearse. We shall see.

1. Well if you're not already coming to the Six By Seven gig tonight, this is you're final warning. Drowned in has chosen it as their gig of the day, and the Boat Race have this to say about the proceedings: "Return of a fabulous band on the up, supported by hotly-tipped British Sea Power and The Visit. Book early. One day you will want to say you saw these three!". If you are very shrewd you can come and see us and get your tickets for a discount price, but shhhhh it's a secret. Get There Early!!

2. This maybe number two in order of news items, but is probably even more exciting. Over the weekend we popped into the Noteworthy studio, with the ever patient, and resourceful Davey. The result of which is three fantastic tracks: Don't Panic, The Constant, and the epic Tofu Escape Clause. All of which, we are mixing tomorrow afternoon. Look forward to hearing them, they are well worth it.
1. After a few days of wondering when our next gig was going to be, two turn up. First off a support slot with the mighty Six By Seven. Secondly, those Green Mind chaps have offered us a slot with Interlaken, and Flotation Toy Warning. So it is to be a busy month then. See Gig Page.
2. On a totally un-visit related topic, but news worthy all the same. On Easter Sunday of all days, Ollie Simpson and myself ventured into the uncharted territory of Tottenham. "Why would you do that, when you could be at home eating eggs?" I hear you say. To track down the mythical Wolves Of Greece, of course. I had heard a lot of raving about these guys, but had never managed to see them. Were we disappointed, were we fuck. They were totally amazing. 15 minutes of total energy expulsion. I have to admit I can't remember a single note of music, but it was loud, chaotic, furious, and over before you had time to take a breath. I would enthusiastically recommend them to you all. 
1. A big thanks to Neil Jones who kindly had us on his Star 107.9FM rock show, last night. The airwaves of Cambridge were filled with, our very uninformed record reviews, tracks about shoe baiting and all manner intelligent chat!!

David, Doug, and I (Matthew was listening, with his lady) all met up in the pub for a few nerve settlers, and then headed down to the studio. After a spot of attempted breaking and entering, we managed to find the more conventional way in, the door. As far as our radio debut went, we were made very welcome, said some words, and left to the sounds of An Eye for A Shoe ringing out through the offices. The whole thing flew by really. Before we knew it we were walking home, having a chat. So thanks again to all involved.
2. Thanks also needs to go to Drowned in's JaneyFerr, for slaving away over our band profile for their site. It looks great.
1. Thursday's (07/03/02) performance was almost a year to the day, that we played our first gig. 11 outings down the line, and things just keep on getting better. So Happy Anniversary to us xxxx.
1. Even after last months shenanigans, we have been offered another gig. We are first on so come along in good time, and you won't be disappointed. There is the distinct possibility of a new song being aired. It's so new that it hasn't got a title yet, although I call it Tofu Escape Clause. So I'll have to see what the others think of that.

2. Just added are some pictures from our recent Moon gig.

3. Wow, Silence The Poet was played on Jimmy Possession's radio show last night. To top things off, the very next Artist he played was Johnny Cash. How cool is that! For those who don't know, Jimmy also produces the widely appreciate Robots and Electronic Brains fanzine.
1. Yep they've let us out again. This time to terrorize the good folk of the Man On The Moon, Poetry and Jazz night. I'm not quite sure how we fit in, but I feel exciting things could happen. Details here.
2. Our latest recordings are (slowly) making their way around the Cambridge area. Initial copies have been dispatched to those who asked. In a stroke of creative genius the cover art is very similar to our last recordings, but this time on different colored paper. Cunning continuity hey!
1. Thanks to all those who turned up for the gig, we really had a great time.
As predicted we managed to squeeze in a new track (Don't Panic), which went down like one of Mr Wonka's golden tickets.
2. We also managed to finish some more tracks, with Chris Bouvier. They were: Shambles (the 'country punk' cockfest), Silence The Poet (explosive prog/rock), and For Arid Ears (70's psychedelic Sabbath esq). This gave us the chance to experiment with some of our older material, and utilized some great backing track recordings.
It is interesting to note, that all the vocals were recorded using my sweaty sock as a pop shield. Poor David. Keep your ears open!

Happy New Year to you all.
There hasn't been much band stuff going on over the festive season, as we have all been out celebrating our Christian heritage (or maybe just getting pissed, and eating loads). Anyway, as long as the Lock-Up is open for business tonight, we will be rehearsing for our gig at the BoatRace (15th Jan).

Rumor has it that The Stars of Aviation, are to headline the evening, instead of TSH. Check the Dead Secret Site for details.

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