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The Main story of the day is the totally new site. As you can see we have had an overhaul. A new site, for the up and coming new year.

We have a confirmed gig on the 15th of January, at the BoatRace. SShhhh, it's In association with the Dead Secret gang. With another TBC at the end of the month.

New songs just keep on coming too: Don't Panic, Silicone, and Homesick, are all in various states rehearsal. The lyrics for these can be found in (you've guessed it) the lyrics page.

News Flash!!!! We have just been added to tonight's Repeat night. We will be on first, so if you want to catch us, get there early. The rest of the night consists of the usual good quality entertainment, we have come to expect from Repeat.
There have been many updates to the site. The main two being, the audio page, and the guestbook. So you can now listen, and tell us what you think, in the privacy of your own homes.

1) The main source of much smiling this week is, the completion of our recordings. With 3 selected tracks emerging, from the pool of songs. Phonetically Desperate, An Eye For A Shoe, and Tribute Friend, will be available to the lucky few, soon.

2) We have two more confirmed gigs, both in this fair City, and both with cool bands. 1st of which being this Saturday (20th), at the Man On The Moon. The Visit will be playing with, Mountain Men Anonymous + Shards. £3 entry.

3) There are two new sets of lyrics, in the improved lyrics section.


We have finally managed to commit some music to a recorded medium. It's taken us a while, but when we got it together, we didn't do it by half. With Chris's steady hands at the controls (and his ability to scrounge lots of equipment), we sailed through 8 whole songs. Most of which it has to be said, were captured in one take. With only the vocals yet to be added, a selection of these tracks, will be appearing around the place soon.

Recorded Tracks:

Phonetically Desperate, An Eye For A Shoe, Tribute Friend, Silence The Poet, Shambles, For Arid Ears, Can You See Sleep Coming? (Doug's song), and Sightseeing.

It looks like it's going to be a busy month for us:

1) A gig on the 21st Sept @ The BoatRace (With interesting new flier).

2) Recording (hopefully this month), with Mr Chris "Bouvier" Rogers.

3) New Songs (Lyrics page), to polish off.

4) There is also a micro site for Punk legend that was The Absolute Zeros.

Ah well, should keep us off the streets.

At the moment we are recovering from our great gig at the BoatRace (10th Aug). We have started by writing some more tracks. Which will be good for our ever growing set list. It also means I get to inflict my lyrical ideas on everyone again. The next two working titles being 'Tribute Friend', and 'Silicone'. I bet you can't wait.

The next important project for us is recording. We are currently looking for recording venues (church's, and village halls), or studios, so we can get an interesting feel.


We have a last minute gig at the Moon, this weekend (14/07/01). Which is going to be very interesting, as we have no Doug (Come back soon Dougie, we miss you). We have decided to set ourselves the challenge of coming up with 'something', before Saturday. This will include the addition of a mystery man, playing the bass. So you shall have to wait and see what becomes of this flippant behavior.

There is a new section to the site, Visuals. So far this has photographs from our gig at the Portland (25th), and a couple from our last rehearsal. The Pics taken on Monday , were very kindly, and expertly snapped by Arthur.

There are also more gigs in the pipe line, so I'm sure some of you will have to suffer our presence again soon.

Two new gigs coming up (see gig page), more new songs, and all this with the same line up. Mat's time share with us, and CRS*, is working out well. We've both been keeping him busy.

There are updates all over the site:

1) New sets of words, and even some images to go with them, on the lyrics page.

2) A review of our gig @ the Moon (taken from the Repeat message board), plus all up coming dates.

3) We have even found time to (at last) update the band members section.

It's been a long time since there have been any updates to the site. This has mainly because we have been working so hard, getting ready for our gig on Saturday (5th). Which is with old band mates interlaken. To make matters even more interesting, we now have Mat (crs*, and who also used to be a 'laken' boy) beating the skins for us. Josey unfortunately had other commitments, and aspirations. So we had to wave her off into the sunset with a tear in our collective eye. She'll be dropping anchor at the Moon this weekend so, we shall catch up then.

Even bigger news was the bass master Doug getting hitched to the lovely G. Which may have to be mentioned at the gig. Anyway, a great day was had by all (and we haven't seen him since, I hope he remembers the practice tonight!). This was in the same week they moved house, and we managed to fit in a rehearsal. Talk about a tough seven days. Savour your week off D.

It has to be said that Mat has done a fine job learning old songs, and helping us write new ones. The guy is a true professional. So, come along to the Moon this Sat, and enjoy our new set, and line-up. It's going to be a good night.


The main news is, we survived our debut gig. No blood or tears, only sweat, port, and a great night (more about this in the gig section). The next step seems to be working on the next one. Which will mostly consist of us finishing new songs, so the set is a decent length. Look out for the mighty (working titled) Iron Man (not the BS track), it's going to be a beast. Like clubbing an orange with a house, ohhh.

There have been few updates in The Visit camp. First of all we have managed to wangle some free rehearsal space, thanks to the ever so resourceful Josey, and the kindness of a sling-wearing saint. Subsequently, Sunday was spent (recovering from Saturday night) playing in the lovely surroundings of the (former) Red Studios. We even had a bit of an audience, as people wandered in and out, tidying the place as they went. Fingers crossed for a regular occurrence.

Other news, our debut gig is a definite thing. All members of the band are now aware of its presence, and are looking forward to it. There is also the possibility of an appearance at a special party, two days after. So we could be busy that week

Well we have finally pulled fingers out, and set a date for our first gig. We will be playing at the Portland Arms, on March 8th. Mind you we haven't managed to tell Doug about it yet, but everyone else is up for it. So, Doug willing, we shall be there playing our set of songs, and giving you a good time. Enjoy.
With a week and a half’s rehearsal absence in our systems, we invaded the Lock up once more. The enthusiasm was greatly evident. After beating our songs to death, for an hour or so, we settled into a more relaxed mood (Much to pleasure of those CRS* boys, who were trying to record stuff, in the next room. Sorry guy’s, we did try and calm it down at bit). Making a note not to leave such a long gap between rehearsals (or things could turn dangerous), we booked a regular practice night. Surprisingly only one guitar string was broken!
The news is we are getting ready for our first outing, into the publics eye. There have been many support slot offers, which is nice of people (considering they haven’t even heard us). We’ve written enough songs to do a gig anytime, but we want to rehearse them to death, and perform some quality control. So look out for us at the end of this month. We will be playing at a dive near you, soon.

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