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Acoustic Songs 2008  

1. Dead Ladies

2. Nothing Personal (2008 Mix)

3. Guide Me Home (rehearsal run through, 1 microphone)

4. Bad Day (Unfinished song run through, 1 microphone)

Recorded in Dave's kitchen, living room and Tom's bedroom, on the 8 track. After DC got deported we decided to write and record some songs as a 3 piece. These are the most finished songs from those sessions. Nothing Personal was written, recorded and mixed pretty quickly. Dead Ladies was the last song we recorded and wasn't mixed until Feb 09. Dave added some more guitar overdubs too. Guide Me Home is the only recorded version we have. So it a bit rough in places, but the song comes through and there's some great bits in it. Bad Day is more an initial idea that we didn't get round to finishing. Again this is the only recording we have of it. Which is a shame, as there were some extra bits that got added later, but no recordings exist of the song with these additional bits.

Live 2007  

1. Death's Head March

2. Harmonics

Recorded live at The Portland Arms, Cambridge, on Wednesday 25th April 2007. Mixed by Dave 2009. This was Matt Fletcher's last gig with TFS.

Acoustic Practice 2006  

1. Song for Retinaburn

2. The Room

3. Deaths Head March

Recorded live in Dave's kitchen on Tom's trusty 8 Track. Track 1 is an early stripped down version of a song that we worked on as a full band, but it didn't quite see the light of day. It was another of our 2 guitar, no bass adventures.

Acoustic Session 2003  
  1. Warmer Climes    2. The Mallard

Recorded May 2003: Tom's bedroom Histon Road, Cambridge. Mastered by James Thomas.

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