Sunday 16th October @ the Sickroom Studios, Day Three. Pics: Tom, Matt and Jake
Blearily heads where treated with lashings of bacon and coffee. This did the job and before the morning mist had even disappeared, I was recording the vocals for Lights Out. It was great to hear the song coming together. Then it was time to add backing vocals to The Room. In turn, Tom, Dave and Matt entered the booth of isolation. Each time singing their hearts out and adding an extra layer of beauty. With such good progress made there was time for Owen to show us how the art of table tennis was really performed. It has to be said I was the worst, although I think Dave was practicing his guitar instead. So maybe he would have been even worse! I guess we'll never know.
The afternoon came and while Dave worked on a few well placed guitar over dubs, the rest of us temporarily re-joined the human race. Well we made a trip to Waitrose for more supplies. Mostly cheese and beer. On our return the acoustic bridge was now a lush prog interlude. Managing to smoothly link the harsh staccato finally of Lights Out with the whispering intro to The Room. So with a belly full of sliced beef it was back to the vocals for me. Deathshead March needed tackling and it was the right time to take that particular bull by the balls. After a warm up run through it was time to just go for it. One raped voice later my duties were now complete. Time for beer and the Office Christmas Special. One more trip to the Local pub yielded lots of night time photography and more fun related shenanigans. We even tracked down the dead squirrel we'd noticed earlier, and recorded it's existence for prosperity, and possible cover material.

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