Saturday 15th October @ the Sickroom Studios, Day Two. Pics: Tom, Matt and Jake
What with halogen heaters that gave off more light than heat, cockerels that decided to crow at 4.00 am rather than dawn and various trips to the nettle urinals, sleep wasn't in great supply. Matt's desire for bacon sandwiches and the thought of bettering yesterdays recording results had us up and about. Lights Out was soon re-recorded with the right amount of enthusiasm and presice playing we had been looking for. To celebrate it was cheese sandwiches all round, and then time for table tennis. After exerting much energy out in the fresh air, we then had to capture a balls out version of Deathshead March. Again it seemed all we needed was time for yesterdays rehearsal to sink in, and to re-charge our batteries. We now had great takes of both our full band tracks. Time to think about our acoustic side.
Dave's idea was to bridge the end of Lights Out and the start of The Room, with an acoustic instrumental. The Room was a song that had been written in a very acoustic way, and had never translated to the full band setting satisfactorily. So we decided to take it back to it's quiet roots and try to capture a lot of feeling and ambience. The first plan was to record guitar, piano and vocals live, so as to maximize the interaction between us. This didn't quite work, as there was too much noise over spill from the singing onto the other tracks. In the end Tom and Dave played their parts together and it worked perfectly. Spurred on by our success, Tom added a hugely distorted keyboard part to the louder sections, and I overlaid the vocals. Things were starting to move along nicely now. We'd gotten onto a roll. Time to call it a night and relax again. Feeling more at home now we ventured down to the local pub and spent the night enthusing about the days successes and drank on way into the night. With no sign of the pub closing any time soon we left the locals to their birthday celebrations and headed along the dark country lane to bed. Sleep would not be an issue tonight.

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