Friday 14th October @ the Sickroom Studios, Day One. Pics: Thomas Hatfield
Most of day one was spent settling into our new (very rural) surroundings, and then the realisation that rehearsing for gigs was one thing, but the recording stakes were much higher. We had to be tight and on the ball at every change of the songs. Owen helpfully pointed out specific parts that needed work and pushed us on to get the best take. By the evening we had backing tracks for Lights Out and Deathshead March recorded, but we knew we could do better. Time to stop for the night. After a pasta special created by Mr Hatfield, we tucked into our beers and relaxed our busy minds with a spot of Hellboy. Then it was time to brave the rustic charms of our caravan bed space. The photos make it look cozy. It wasn't, but sleep was needed and it was at least warm.

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