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The Songs We Sing: Volume One  

1. Religious Acoustic (same version as Laminated Home Recordings)

Compilation CD of "Every act that has ever played a One Man And A Guitar show on disk one, plus a variety of other incredible acoustic acts from around the world on disk two".

Dear Cambridge, La La La  
Dear Cambridge, La La La

1. Cosy Cosy = Edge of the World

2. The Furious Sleep = Quilty (album version)

4. Princess Drive = No Jail For Thought

4. Bomb Factory = God Loves Us And He Hates You

Compilation CD of 4 Cambridge bands. Copies of this cd were given away free on the Launch Night, with REPEAT Fanzine issue 34 and via Bomb Factory website.

PSB#4 (compilation)  
Public Service Broadcast 4

1. Among The Wolves (demo version)

Number 4 in the Public Service Broadcast series.
This compilation consists of 23 quality bands: oxford collapse + la mômo + the mono effect + dealership + daughters courageous + fighting with wire + school for the dead + penniless+ seedling + santo el diablo + we will be pilots + dorlene love + now + the new shapes + hooker + the hindi guns + venetian love triangle + the half rabbits + hyper kinako + soma + the furious sleep + alice & the enemies + front face pancake.

Released by Smalltown America Records.

Raise High The Roof Beam Carpenters (compilation)  
Public Service Broadcast 4

1. Silence The Poet (demo version)

CD compilation given away free with the Raise High The Roof Beam Carpenters fanzine.

Fanzine and compilation created by Rick Leach.

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